So many times when someone wants to think more creatively they do what on Google? Type in ‘how to think more creatively’ but I will be one of the few to say that you are doing it all wrong. The creative exercises may help but you can be ten times more creative by simply taking a closer look at yourself first.

Here are the top three things you need to evaluate and make sure are in check before thinking more creatively so you can achieve maximum results

sunset, family and friends affecting you, stuck creatively1.Family and Friends

When it comes to thinking more creatively, creativity is not always sunshine and happiness. It can take you down into the depths of doubt and insecurities as you step outside your comfort zone. So what happens when you are struggling, who is there to support you? Who is there to cheer you on? THOSE are the people that you should consider your family and friends because you need a strong support system as you embark on a creative journey that will be similar to a roller coaster.

Same thing goes for those people that are there to only to say congratulations when you post about your success. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be acknowledged for your accomplishments. Yet when that person only writes a happy comment after you post your success and is nowhere to be found when you were starting, struggling, mentally fighting yourself, confused on where to go, is that the person you consider your family or friend?

I would consider them a fan. That’s it.

It may be harsh, I know, but at this point in my creative journey I don’t need people to only show up during my success, I want the people that were there during my struggle and those same people standing by me during my success saying, “I knew you could do it!”

I am stepping outside my comfort zone every day, I am learning new things everyday, I am moving fast and I am not going to let a person stop me from reaching my creative goals. I may have a couple years ago, but not today.

If you surround yourself with people that don’t help you or support you, you will be limited to where you can go in your creativity, because those are the people that are not mentally on your level. They will drag you down, instead of pushing you forward with support. So if you are struggling to think more creatively, don’t ask Google to fix it, write down the people you talk to and hang out with on a daily basis and actually analyze how they may be affecting your creativity.

workers, work, work affects creativity, exhausted after work2. Work

This is a big one. Work, the thing that defines most people. So how can work affect your creativity? I want you to sit down and examine the different aspects of work.

  • Does it make you happy?
  • Do you have a good balance of work and play or is it all work?
  • Can you leave work at the workplace or do you bring it home?

When you come home exhausted, is it a good exhausted or I just want to have some dinner, watch some TV and call it a day exhausted?

Creativity feeds of your mental state, so when you don’t have energy or motivation after work, or you get home and all you can think about is work, what happens to your creativity? That’s the last thing on your mind and you always end up pushing it aside for another day, another week, another month.

Most of our days are spent at work, so yes, it is normal to talk about work when you get home, but if you want to start thinking more creatively, you need to find the balance. The balance of working when at work and focusing on you and what you want to accomplish creatively outside of work. I am not saying don’t simply unwind and relax after work, but creativity is not like doing chores, it is mental. You have to be mentally ready, open and in the creative mindset to start thinking outside the box.

sunset, beach, creativity, free yourself, balance, happy, creative emotional balance3. Your Emotions

I am probably going to continually bring up your mental state of mind because that is the one thing that most people pay the least attention to when they want to think more creatively.

Can you go a full day simply smiling with calm emotion like you have a bubble around you where nothing can affect you negatively? Or do you wake up and as soon as you leave the house things start going wrong and you go from happy to upset, to pissed off, to yelling to bawling and eventually sitting in a coma of depression?

You can google how to think more creatively every day and do all of the exercises but if you are not mentally balanced in your emotions you 1. will be forcing yourself to think creatively and 2. potentially sucking all the fun out of creativity which will eventually lead to you giving up and never coming back to your creative state of mind. Don’t ruin your creativity like this.

Life is about challenging yourself so every day you should expect and be ready to problem solve yet not let the problems get the better of you and attack you emotionally. As I’m typing this do you think I have had a perfect day where everything went smoothly and I was on cloud 9? No, but I think this day was a good day where I accomplished everything on my list, even though my schedule had to change halfway through the day. I didn’t throw a fit, I never raised my voice, I just readjusted and continued on.

When you are ready for creative inspiration, the first thing to always do is to make sure you and your surroundings are balanced and in a good state. When you are creatively stuck, the worst thing that can happen is you end up thinking you aren’t a creative person and give up anything to do with creativity altogether because your family and friends, work life and emotions are completely out of whack.

Do you feel that you circle of family, friends, work life and emotions are balanced to achieve maximum creativity?

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Tatiana Ambrose

Tatiana Ambrose is a Creative Artist. She's here to help you understand the benefits of thinking more creatively along with showing you, through hands on exercises, how to start living a more creative life.

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