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My name is Tatiana Ambrose, and my world revolves around creativity and creative thought. I find myself drawn to the questions most creative enthusiasts are drawn to: how to generate new ideas, and how to stand out from the crowd as I do it.

For ten years, I have contemplated these two questions, almost exclusively, during my creative work (academic work as well as personal). My creativity expresses itself through still life drawing with various art media, paper art, painting, acrylic, rock art, ceramics, sewing, jewelry, pastels and multimedia work. Abstract art has always been my favorite; it is through that medium that my creativity can really soar.

In 2009 I began a YouTube channel focusing on upcycling pop tabs and creating tutorials encouraging others to follow along. These videos are still some of the most popular videos on my channel with almost 5 million total views.

My channel has evolved from crafts to now focus more on me and my lifestyle, with the occasional videos of my two dogs, Ares and Athena. I have worked professionally with animals for quite some time and have experience in dog training, dog grooming and in the veterinary field as well.

Yet just as my channel has evolved, so has my thinking about creativity. I now see it as a way to give life to anything I encounter as struggling to be beautiful, exciting, or different from the crowd. Creativity has a use in our everyday lives if we just relax and allow our thoughts to escape the box we try to force them into.

Your journey of creativity is individual to you, and I hope I get to know you through that journey, regardless of where it takes you or how you choose to use it.

Ok, you got through all that but what about the fun facts about Tatiana?

If you choose to subscribe you should be warned that I am extremely obsessed with my Pit Bull Terrier, Athena. If you are a dog lover there is a high chance we will be awesome friends. If I had to talk about dogs and brainstorm creatively all day, I would tell you I have the best job in the world! For now, this page is my small world, so from here on forward don’t be surprised when you see Athena.

I love my dog.

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Now, I have been recording videos for over six years. I started off being boring and shy but once I got used to talking to the camera, the boring faded. When I get extremely excited about making a specific video, you will see my SUPER CREATIVELY HAPPY side come out. That is what happens when creativity strikes, my mind is pumped and I make a video without second guessing myself. I can get crazy and I love these moments!

Brace yourself and watch the videos below:

My very first youtube video on my MacBook:

Now, sharing my favorite tripod stand product review:

Now have I convinced you that this is the best and cheapest tripod stand out there or what?!