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Tatiana Ambrose is a Creative Artist. She's here to help you understand the benefits of thinking more creatively along with showing you, through hands on exercises, how to start living a more creative life.
How To Leap Forward In Your Creative Small Business With A Business Coach

How To Leap Forward In Your Creative Small Business With A Business Coach

Now that you are beginning to entertain the idea of starting your own creative small business, what do most of your family and friends say to encourage you?

“It all starts with the first step!”

But what your friends and family forget to mention is that you’re blindfolded and your first step is actually down a flight of stairs.

This image may seem like it’s far from positive but that’s because most creative entrepreneurs repeatedly make the number one mistake time and time again: going all in blindfolded when starting their new business.

Will you end up making mistakes that will cost you hundreds? thousands of dollars? Most likely.
Will you be confused, overwhelmed, stressed? Guaranteed.

So how can you make this transition easier and actually succeed with your new creative business? It lies in the magic of a business coach.

Now, if you’re like me, you slightly cringed when you read business coach. I pictured thousands upon thousands of dollars spent for an hour session with a business coach.

Yet, I decided to go through and do my business coach research anyways because I wanted to succeed. I told myself that even one outrageously priced session is better than starting my creative business blindfolded.

Then I came across a business coach that changed my life. I found Alex Genadinik’s business coaching.

I chose Alex as my business coach based on his accomplishments and credentials plus the fact that I had a gut feeling that he would understand my creative business idea that I wanted to launch.

In thirty minutes I was able to run all my ideas by Alex. He clarified what would work and what wouldn’t, what to focus on and what to forget for the moment.

He basically took all my crazy creative ideas and with his extensive business knowledge sped up the path to success. Alex not only laid specific steps, but gave me strategies that got my business off the ground.

If you want the golden ticket for your business success, hire a business coach.

Now, along with his out of this world business planning strategy, Alex was able to identify my weaknesses when it came to business as well. He helped me get up to speed on everything my creative business was lacking. I received the exact tools I needed to become stronger and more competitive in my creativity niche. I wasn’t even aware of my weaknesses in starting my creative business until Alex pointed them out and helped me work through them.

In this day and age, a website with your products won’t sell themselves, you have to have a strong business and marketing strategy to break into your creative niche and stand out.

So from one creative to another, do yourself a favor and hire a business coach that can not only work through all the kinks of your creative ideas for your business, but help you leap forward to success by avoiding all the pitfalls and mistakes that every new entrepreneur makes.

Seriously, don’t just take the first step, Leap forward with your business.

40 Ways To Be Creative and Boost Your Creativity

40 Ways To Be Creative and Boost Your Creativity

Are you wondering how to keep your creative spark alive?

Everyone will feel a lack of creativity at one point of another in their life. So here is a quick checklist of 40 things to do that will get you back on the path to thinking more creatively.


40 Ways To Stay Creative


To really take your creativity to the next level I highly suggest trying one creative boosting tactic once a day for 40 days straight. So on the first day create an inspiration board, on the second day go out more than you normally would and so forth.

Did you find this helpful? Don’t forget to share with your fellow creatives!

40 Ways To Stay Creative by Layerform

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Think Creatively

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Think Creatively

So many times when someone wants to think more creatively they do what on Google? Type in ‘how to think more creatively’ but I will be one of the few to say that you are doing it all wrong. The creative exercises may help but you can be ten times more creative by simply taking a closer look at yourself first.

Here are the top three things you need to evaluate and make sure are in check before thinking more creatively so you can achieve maximum results

sunset, family and friends affecting you, stuck creatively1.Family and Friends

When it comes to thinking more creatively, creativity is not always sunshine and happiness. It can take you down into the depths of doubt and insecurities as you step outside your comfort zone. So what happens when you are struggling, who is there to support you? Who is there to cheer you on? THOSE are the people that you should consider your family and friends because you need a strong support system as you embark on a creative journey that will be similar to a roller coaster.

Same thing goes for those people that are there to only to say congratulations when you post about your success. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be acknowledged for your accomplishments. Yet when that person only writes a happy comment after you post your success and is nowhere to be found when you were starting, struggling, mentally fighting yourself, confused on where to go, is that the person you consider your family or friend?

I would consider them a fan. That’s it.

It may be harsh, I know, but at this point in my creative journey I don’t need people to only show up during my success, I want the people that were there during my struggle and those same people standing by me during my success saying, “I knew you could do it!”

I am stepping outside my comfort zone everyday, I am learning new things everyday, I am moving fast and I am not going to let a person stop me from reaching my creative goals. I may have a couple years ago, but not today.

If you surround yourself with people that don’t help you or support you, you will be limited to where you can go in your creativity, because those are the people that are not mentally on your level. They will drag you down, instead of pushing you forward with support. So if you are struggling to think more creatively, don’t ask Google to fix it, write down the people you talk to and hang out with on a daily basis and actually analyze how they may be affecting your creativity.

workers, work, work affects creativity, exhausted after work2. Work

This is a big one. Work, the thing that defines most people. So how can work affect your creativity? I want you to sit down and examine the different aspects of work.

  • Does it make you happy?
  • Do you have a good balance of work and play or is it all work?
  • Can you leave work at the workplace or do you bring it home?

When you come home exhausted, is it a good exhausted or I just want to have some dinner, watch some TV and call it a day exhausted?

Creativity feeds of your mental state, so when you don’t have energy or motivation after work, or you get home and all you can think about is work, what happens to your creativity? That’s the last thing on your mind and you always end up pushing it aside for another day, another week, another month.

Most of our days are spent at work, so yes, it is normal to talk about work when you get home, but if you want to start thinking more creatively, you need to find the balance. The balance of working when at work and focusing on you and what you want to accomplish creatively outside of work. I am not saying don’t simply unwind and relax after work, but creativity is not like doing chores, it is mental. You have to be mentally ready, open and in the creative mindset to start thinking outside the box.

sunset, beach, creativity, free yourself, balance, happy, creative emotional balance3. Your Emotions

I am probably going to continually bring up your mental state of mind because that is the one thing that most people pay the least attention to when they want to think more creatively.

Can you go a full day simply smiling with calm emotion like you have a bubble around you where nothing can affect you negatively? Or do you wake up and as soon as you leave the house things start going wrong and you go from happy to upset, to pissed off, to yelling to bawling and eventually sitting in a coma of depression?

You can google how to think more creatively every day and do all of the exercises but if you are not mentally balanced in your emotions you 1. will be forcing yourself to think creatively and 2. potentially sucking all the fun out of creativity which will eventually lead to you giving up and never coming back to your creative state of mind. Don’t ruin your creativity like this.

Life is about challenging yourself so everyday you should expect and be ready to problem solve yet not let the problems get the better of you and attack you emotionally. As I’m typing this do you think I have had a perfect day where everything went smoothly and I was on cloud 9? No, but I think this day was a good day where I accomplished everything on my list, even though my schedule had to change half way through the day. I din’t throw a fit, I never raised my voice, I just readjusted and continued on.

When you are ready for creative inspiration, the first  thing to always do is to make sure you and your surroundings are balanced and in a good state. When you are creatively stuck, the worst thing that can happen is you end up thinking you aren’t a creative person and give up anything to do with creativity altogether because your family and friends, work life and emotions are completely out of whack.

Do you feel that you circle of family, friends, work life and emotions are balanced to achieve maximum creativity?

You can only pick one: Creativity or Food Cravings

You can only pick one: Creativity or Food Cravings

When it comes to being more creative, you may do all the right things but overlook one major aspect for really revving up your creativity: what you put into your body. I get it, you are busy, we ALL are busy but food is your only fuel source for the day.

healthy eating, boost creativity, clogging up your creativity pipes, stop overeating, be more creative

At the end of the day either your junk food cravings or the importance of really reaching your max creativity will win. You can’t eat junk food and claim to be at your creative peak. That just doesn’t happen because you have absolutely zero nutritional value going into and being used by your body.

How do I know all this? A couple years ago, for a short period in my life, I used to pick my cravings over creativity every week. I gained thirty pounds, drank alcohol more than I would like to admit and ate fast food almost on a daily basis.

Did I feel over stuffed after a meal? Yes.

Did I want to take a nap after lunch? Yes.

Did I pick the ‘easy’ options? Yes.

Did I feel good about myself? No.

So when you are in a vicious cycle of allowing your cravings to win day after day, week after week. How can you claim that you are as creative as possible?

grapes, struggle with overeating, food, boost creativity, healthy lifestyle, healthy mind, be more creative

But before jumping into how to kickstart your body to a healthier you to get you on the right creative track, the first thing I have to point out is your mental state.

You have to be mentally fed up with allowing your cravings to win over living a more creative life. Your mind is the most important tool and you need to keep it charged by being aware what you are putting into your body. If you are not mentally ready to fight against your cravings and breaking your bad food habits, it all will be a pointless battle.

banana, overeating, get control of your life, enhance your creativity, be more creative, creativity or cravings

I will be the first to say I do not eat salad 24/7. I will have chocolate cake once in awhile. But what I won’t do is sit with an entire bowl of popcorn or chips for a movie just to give me something to do as I intently stare at the TV screen. The most important thing to remember is too much of a good thing is BAD for you and your mind. So don’t completely cut out what you love to eat, but learn to eat it in small portions.

I have been on both sides and can tell you stories about where my creativity has taken me but can’t tell you one good thing from when I let my cravings win.

Satisfying your cravings will always be short term but when you can tap into your creative mindset and push yourself creatively you will open your mind to long term happiness, curiosity and balance.

Would you rather tell everyone a story of how you craved french fries or how you came to idea A which turned into idea B and opened the door to all these amazing opportunities?

Now where do you start when it comes to choosing creativity over cravings? I like to start with a small challenge I ran across last year it is called The Military Diet.

A three day diet plan that gives you specific foods to eat for three days. Now it does claim that you can lose up to ten pounds but I want to you look past that. This is a mental challenge for you.

If you can stick to specific meal plan for three days, ONLY THREE DAYS, you can proudly pat yourself on the back and know that you value yourself and your creativity over your cravings and hunger.

I do the military diet once every two to three months, especially after a weekend at the lake where I have been socializing with friends. Notice, that I’m not saying I am depriving myself from food and drinks, but I don’t get drunk or eat a large pizza by myself. After a weekend like that I know my body will start to crave more of the zero nutritional value foods so I simply complete the military challenge that mentally prepares me to get back into creative zone.

In my world, I always choose creativity over cravings because food is boring. Instead, I only focus on what fuel my body needs that day and dive into my creativity to see what I can come up with.

Below is my introductory video on my YouTube channel where I will be starting the Military Diet with anyone who wants to join me.


Make 3 Changes to Unlock Your Creativity

Make 3 Changes to Unlock Your Creativity

Let me first jump in and say that if you are committed to thinking more creatively from here on then this is the place for you but creativity is not for the weak-minded. Insecurities, doubts, fear, we all have them but you can not let them control you. So let’s look at the three things you can do today to help unlock your creativity and creative ideas.

1. Don’t build an emotional connection to your creative ideas.

I strongly recommend you develop the mindset of ‘I want a no BS answer, get straight to the point.’

A person will either like or not like your idea. If an idea flops, you have other ideas to present and brainstorm with. In fact, you have so many ideas that someone not liking your idea gives your other ideas the opportunity to shine.

You see, straight to the point, idea after idea, without getting my emotions involved. Yet what happens when you build an emotional connection to your ideas?

  1. You don’t want to share your ideas with the world because it’s your baby. You don’t want the world to copy or challenge you to find a better idea. This leads to not only idea hoarding but you are taking zero action which does absolutely nothing to improve your creativity when your brain is stuck on this one great idea.
  2. Any criticism of your idea, will be received as a personal jab at you, like the person doesn’t like you! Just because the person says this idea sucks, I don’t like it, does not mean they don’t like you or that you suck. It’s just that the idea wasn’t a home run to them. Now what if the same situation was presented and you had zero emotional connection to your idea? You move onto your next idea and continue moving forward and challenging yourself.

question mark, doubting yourself in creativity, stop doubt2. Push forward. Even when you have doubts

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has doubts. The reason being is that life is unpredictable, there isn’t a map to follow a specific path that will end in a happily ever after.

Let me give you a visual glimpse into my emotional creative journey so far:

I have had to climb a cliff, go through jungle-like shrubbery that snags and scrapes my clothes and skin. Fifteen minutes later a huge thunderstorm comes and completely soaks me. I have had people judge me without saying a word. Yet, I’m still standing. I’m on a creative path and don’t know what to expect, but it can’t be worse than what I have already experienced, right?

Bottom line is to always push past any doubts because creativity will take you into unknown territory. So when you have doubts about any idea that doesn’t mean quit, it means push yourself on a daily basis so you can build up your confidence to continue forward creatively.

campfire, bonfire, fuel your creativity, be creative3. Network and don’t be by your lonesome

Some people think that they are on their creative journey by themselves. That is far from the truth. You will always have the option to surround yourself with like-minded people and/or your support team.

Keep in mind, you are not the first or the last person in the creativity niche. Here’s the thing, everyone will have something different to offer even though they are in the same niche but you will never be like person A, B or C. Why? Because you simply can’t be an exact copy of a person. You didn’t have the same parents, didn’t have the same life experience, don’t have the same friends nor think like that person. So this simply means that you may have some overlap in your message and content as the other people in your niche but you will offer something new based on your experiences, way of thinking and presentation style.

Better yet, align yourself with other like-minded people and companies which will build an alliance and potentially expand your support team to strangers that you have never met in person. But what if you did this by yourself? What fuel would you be adding to your creativity fire? Actually, you would be the only one adding fuel to your creativity fire and how long will you be able to do this by yourself before you get exhausted and put the fire out? So don’t think that when you are on your creativity journey that you are in this alone. What niche are you wanting to inject creativity into? Who can you network with on your journey to fuel your creativity fire?

start thinking more creatively, beach, creativity, creative thought, creative inspiration