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Top 5 Most Popular DIY Craft Tutorial Videos By Tatiana Ambrose

1. DIY Soda Can Ring Craft Tutorial:
Back when I was in my college dorm there were so many pop tabs and cans so I decided to upcycle a pop can into a pretty ring. Be careful with aluminum cans though and don’t cut yourself! Wear appropriate gloves for protection!

2. DIY Pet Bed From a Sweater:
This was a craft tutorial I made after I graduated from college and was fostering a lot of kittens still so upcycled an old sweater and giving a comfy bed to a rescued animal was the perfect solution. I will probably be making a sequel DIY craft tutorial dog bed for the bigger breeds out there soon!

3. DIY Pop Tab Soda Flower Ring Tutorial:
This was during a summer at the lake, random introduction, but at least you weren’t stuck in my dorm room yet again for another pop tab upcycled craft tutorial.

4. How To Make A Belt and Bracelet Out Of Pop Tab Craft Tutorial

Now back in the dorm room with my obsession with pop tabs from all the soda cans. As I am posting these craft tutorials I am realizing that I really need to step up my DIY craft videos so some of the newer ones get a chance in the limelight.

5. Pop Tab Flower Necklace DIY Craft Tutorial

You can see I went through a period of experimenting with my introductions before beginning the craft and still continuing my obsession with pop tabs from any and all soda cans.

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