Let me first jump in and say that if you are committed to thinking more creatively from here on then this is the place for you but creativity is not for the weak-minded. Insecurities, doubts, fear, we all have them but you can not let them control you. So let’s look at the three things you can do today to help unlock your creativity and creative ideas.

1. Don’t build an emotional connection with your creative ideas.

I strongly recommend you develop the mindset of ‘I want a no BS answer, get straight to the point.’

A person will either like or not like your idea. If an idea flops, you have other ideas to present and brainstorm with. In fact, you have so many ideas that someone not liking your idea gives your other ideas the opportunity to shine.

You see, straight to the point, idea after idea, without getting my emotions involved. Yet what happens when you build an emotional connection with your ideas?

  1. You don’t want to share your ideas with the world because it’s your baby. You don’t want the world to copy or challenge you to find a better idea. This leads to not only idea hoarding but you are taking zero action which does absolutely nothing to improve your creativity when your brain is stuck on this one great idea.
  2. Any criticism of your idea will be received as a personal jab at you like the person doesn’t like you! Just because the person says this idea sucks, I don’t like it, does not mean they don’t like you or that you suck. It’s just that the idea wasn’t a home run to them. Now, what if the same situation was presented and you had zero emotional connection to your idea? You move onto your next idea and continue moving forward and challenging yourself.

question mark, doubting yourself in creativity, stop doubt2. Push forward. Even when you have doubts

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has doubts. The reason being is that life is unpredictable, there isn’t a map to follow a specific path that will end in a happily ever after.

Let me give you a visual glimpse into my emotional creative journey so far:

I have had to climb a cliff, go through jungle-like shrubbery that snags and scrapes my clothes and skin. Fifteen minutes later a huge thunderstorm comes and completely soaks me. I have had people judge me without saying a word. Yet, I’m still standing. I’m on a creative path and don’t know what to expect, but it can’t be worse than what I have already experienced, right?

Bottom line is to always push past any doubts because creativity will take you into unknown territory. So when you have doubts about any idea that doesn’t mean quit, it means push yourself on a daily basis so you can build up your confidence to continue forward creatively.

campfire, bonfire, fuel your creativity, be creative3. Network and don’t be by your lonesome

Some people think that they are on their creative journey by themselves. That is far from the truth. You will always have the option to surround yourself with like-minded people and/or your support team.

Keep in mind, you are not the first or the last person in the creativity niche. Here’s the thing, everyone will have something different to offer even though they are in the same niche but you will never be like person A, B or C. Why? Because you simply can’t be an exact copy of a person. You didn’t have the same parents, didn’t have the same life experience, don’t have the same friends nor think like that person. So this simply means that you may have some overlap in your message and content as the other people in your niche but you will offer something new based on your experiences, a way of thinking and presentation style.

Better yet, align yourself with other like-minded people and companies which will build an alliance and potentially expand your support team to strangers that you have never met in person. But what if you did this by yourself? What fuel would you be adding to your creativity fire? Actually, you would be the only one adding fuel to your creative fire and how long will you be able to do this by yourself before you get exhausted and put the fire out? So don’t think that when you are on your creativity journey that you are in this alone. What niche are you wanting to inject creativity into? Who can you network with on your journey to fuel your creativity fire?

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