Now that you are beginning to entertain the idea of starting your own creative small business, what do most of your family and friends say to encourage you?

“It all starts with the first step!”

But what your friends and family forget to mention is that you’re blindfolded and your first step is actually down a flight of stairs.

This image may seem like it’s far from positive but that’s because most creative entrepreneurs repeatedly make the number one mistake time and time again: going all in blindfolded when starting their new business.

Will you end up making mistakes that will cost you hundreds? thousands of dollars? Most likely.
Will you be confused, overwhelmed, stressed? Guaranteed.

So how can you make this transition easier and actually succeed with your new creative business? It lies in the magic of a business coach.

Now, if you’re like me, you slightly cringed when you read business coach. I pictured thousands upon thousands of dollars spent for an hour session with a business coach.

Yet, I decided to go through and do my business coach research anyways because I wanted to succeed. I told myself that even one outrageously priced session is better than starting my creative business blindfolded.

Then I came across a business coach that changed my life. I found Alex Genadinik’s business coaching.

I chose Alex as my business coach based on his accomplishments and credentials plus the fact that I had a gut feeling that he would understand my creative business idea that I wanted to launch.

In thirty minutes I was able to run all my ideas by Alex. He clarified what would work and what wouldn’t, what to focus on and what to forget for the moment.

He basically took all my crazy creative ideas and with his extensive business knowledge sped up the path to success. Alex not only laid specific steps, but gave me strategies that got my business off the ground.

If you want the golden ticket for your business success, hire a business coach.

Now, along with his out of this world business planning strategy, Alex was able to identify my weaknesses when it came to business as well. He helped me get up to speed on everything my creative business was lacking. I received the exact tools I needed to become stronger and more competitive in my creativity niche. I wasn’t even aware of my weaknesses in starting my creative business until Alex pointed them out and helped me work through them.

In this day and age, a website with your products won’t sell themselves, you have to have a strong business and marketing strategy to break into your creative niche and stand out.

So from one creative to another, do yourself a favor and hire a business coach that can not only work through all the kinks of your creative ideas for your business, but help you leap forward to success by avoiding all the pitfalls and mistakes that every new entrepreneur makes.

Seriously, don’t just take the first step, Leap forward with your business.

Tatiana Ambrose

Tatiana Ambrose is a Creative Artist. She's here to help you understand the benefits of thinking more creatively along with showing you, through hands on exercises, how to start living a more creative life.

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