When it comes to being more creative, you may do all the right things but overlook one major aspect for really revving up your creativity: what you put into your body. I get it, you are busy, we ALL are busy but food is your only fuel source for the day.

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At the end of the day either your junk food cravings or the importance of really reaching your max creativity will win. You can’t eat junk food and claim to be at your creative peak. That just doesn’t happen because you have absolutely zero nutritional value going into and being used by your body.

How do I know all this? A couple years ago, for a short period in my life, I used to pick my cravings over creativity every week. I gained thirty pounds, drank alcohol more than I would like to admit and ate fast food almost on a daily basis.

Did I feel over stuffed after a meal? Yes.

Did I want to take a nap after lunch? Yes.

Did I pick the ‘easy’ options? Yes.

Did I feel good about myself? No.

So when you are in a vicious cycle of allowing your cravings to win day after day, week after week. How can you claim that you are as creative as possible?

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But before jumping into how to kickstart your body to a healthier you to get you on the right creative track, the first thing I have to point out is your mental state.

You have to be mentally fed up with allowing your cravings to win over living a more creative life. Your mind is the most important tool and you need to keep it charged by being aware what you are putting into your body. If you are not mentally ready to fight against your cravings and breaking your bad food habits, it all will be a pointless battle.

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I will be the first to say I do not eat salad 24/7. I will have chocolate cake once in awhile. But what I won’t do is sit with an entire bowl of popcorn or chips for a movie just to give me something to do as I intently stare at the TV screen. The most important thing to remember is too much of a good thing is BAD for you and your mind. So don’t completely cut out what you love to eat, but learn to eat it in small portions.

I have been on both sides and can tell you stories about where my creativity has taken me but can’t tell you one good thing from when I let my cravings win.

Satisfying your cravings will always be short term but when you can tap into your creative mindset and push yourself creatively you will open your mind to long term happiness, curiosity and balance.

Would you rather tell everyone a story of how you craved french fries or how you came to idea A which turned into idea B and opened the door to all these amazing opportunities?

Now where do you start when it comes to choosing creativity over cravings? I like to start with a small challenge I ran across last year it is called The Military Diet.

A three day diet plan that gives you specific foods to eat for three days. Now it does claim that you can lose up to ten pounds but I want to you look past that. This is a mental challenge for you.

If you can stick to specific meal plan for three days, ONLY THREE DAYS, you can proudly pat yourself on the back and know that you value yourself and your creativity over your cravings and hunger.

I do the military diet once every two to three months, especially after a weekend at the lake where I have been socializing with friends. Notice, that I’m not saying I am depriving myself from food and drinks, but I don’t get drunk or eat a large pizza by myself. After a weekend like that I know my body will start to crave more of the zero nutritional value foods so I simply complete the military challenge that mentally prepares me to get back into creative zone.

In my world, I always choose creativity over cravings because food is boring. Instead, I only focus on what fuel my body needs that day and dive into my creativity to see what I can come up with.

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