Working per hour seemed terrific when I was a teenager, and you had a yearly raise which was always a bonus, then bills started to come into the picture.

Today you’re no longer 16 years old living with your parents; adulting is not what you pictured.

Can you relate to this?

Does this sound like you?

Well, let me share with you my pay stub from 2015. I had worked a little over 34 hours in a week at my second job, at $10/hour with a paycheck of $342.50 before anything was taken out.

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For some, this may be a great paycheck but after Medical, Car, Utilities, Groceries, and animal bills, how much do you have left?

I came across this pay stub while doing some beginning of the year cleaning to welcome in a fresh year.

I’m not going to lie; this took me down memory lane. My second job was fun but I wasn’t making good money. Then in 2016, I said screw this and started getting everything together to start my own online business which I jumped all in end of July that year.

My business, with my rules, my own schedule and my pay per hour rate.

Here’s the kicker though, now going on year two of my business, my weekly pay is now double to triple and even quadruple to what I was making working 34 hours a week.

Am I working 68 hours a week now? No.

I started setting up passive income streams that brought in money without me having to work on a pay per hour schedule. While my passive income streams build up, I now can focus on my other more active streams and continue building and expanding with everything in my creative business. That’s my goal for 2018.

Starting your creative business, starting ANY business has its challenges, its ups and downs but that pay stub is a reminder that I never want to work $10/hour for anyone.

What passive income stream can you start to build in 2018?

How can you get $1 + raise in your career field this year?

One thing I have learned is that you never want to rely on one income source, get your back up income streams started, so if your $342.50 doesn’t cover all your bills and leaves you worried you know more money is heading your way.

Happy New Year!

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Tatiana Ambrose

Tatiana Ambrose is a Creative Artist. She's here to help you understand the benefits of thinking more creatively along with showing you, through hands on exercises, how to start living a more creative life.

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